The Morbihan’s Gulf

Plus belles baies du monde Golfe du Morbihan
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Crédits photos : © CDT56-MS-Ile aux Moines

Discover one of the most beautiful bays in the world !

The Gulf of Morbihan is an exceptional site of beauty.

A place dotted with unique islands, more attractive than the others. According to one legend, there are as many islands as there are days in the year with little wonders to visit: the island of Arz, Berder Island, the island of Moines, the tip of Arradon .. .

The discovery of the Gulf of Morbihan boat or from the shore will never cease to amaze you with its changing and unusual landscapes, which vary depending on the tide or the vagaries of the weather.

Swimming on the sandy beaches, multiple water activities (sailing, kayaking, catamaran, windsurfing …), hiking Between beaches, moors, seagrass and salt, visit typical chapels … a wide range of activities who will make you love the Gulf.

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